Overcoming Dental Anxiety: A Tailored Guide for Children and Adults

Dental anxiety is more than just a personal issue; it’s a widespread challenge that affects up to 20% of the population at some point in their lives. At Green Street Dental in Pasadena, we’re dedicated to transforming fear into comfort with our patient-centric approach.

Understanding Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can occur for reasons as varied as personal trauma to fear-induced stories from others. For some, it’s the anticipation of pain, while for others, it may be the invasiveness that comes with oral procedures. New experiences can be intimidating for children, creating a fear that, if left unchecked, can persist into adulthood. By acknowledging these fears and their origins, we take the first step toward managing them.

Strategies to Help Children Feel at Ease with Dental Care

Frequent and Fun Checkups: Regular visits can be a playdate with their smile. Our friendly staff uses engaging activities to make each appointment something to look forward to.

Child-Friendly Dentists: Our dentists are heroes in lab coats, trained to meet your child’s needs with patience and a smile, turning checkups into child’s play.

The Adventure of Oral Hygiene: We offer interactive lessons on brushing and flossing, making dental care an exciting part of their daily adventure.

Breathe Easy: Simple breathing exercises turn anxious moments into a breeze, teaching kids to find their calm before and during a dental visit.

For Adults: Building Confidence in Dental Care

The Right Match: Finding a dentist isn’t just about expertise; it’s about finding someone who speaks the language of care and comfort as fluently as they do dentistry.

Relaxation Techniques: Discover the power of meditation and guided imagery with our in-chair relaxation sessions, designed to soothe you into a state of peace.

Open Conversations: Your fears are valid, and we’re here to listen. Together, we’ll craft a visit that respects your pace and eases your concerns.

Real Stories of Triumph over Dental Fear

Hear from those who once sat where you do; their dental fears are a distant memory thanks to the personalized care at Green Street Dental. Their stories inspire and remind us that overcoming fear is possible and empowering.

The best place in the world. The people over there are very professional, kind and nice. They make sure that I feel comfortable and safe. They did a great job on my teeth! I definitely recommend this place.

Stephanie Dorzin

Aftercare: The Journey Continues

Overcoming dental anxiety doesn’t stop at the clinic’s door. We provide aftercare advice to maintain the confidence you’ve built, ensuring each future visit is easier than the last.

Engaging With Your Senses: A Multimedia Experience

From informative animations explaining procedures to soothing sounds that you can bring during your appointment, we make sure that there’s something to cater to your comfort at all sensory levels.

Comprehensive Care for Everyone

Whether you require special accommodations or seek reassurance, our clinic is an inclusive space. We ensure every individual’s needs are met with the utmost respect and care.


Your journey to overcoming dental anxiety is as important as your dental health. At Green Street Dental Pasadena, you’ll find more than a clinic—you’ll find a partner in your pursuit of well-being. If you’re ready to take the first step, we’re here with open doors and warm smiles. Contact Us today.

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