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Stop Snoring With Oral Appliance Therapy at Green Street Dental Pasadena

Stop Snoring With Oral Appliance Therapy at Green Street Dental Pasadena

Pasadena’s quest for a peaceful night’s sleep leads to Green Street Dental, where snoring meets its match. Amid the charming streets of Pasadena, our innovative approach to oral appliance therapy is transforming lives. Snoring, a common yet often overlooked issue, doesn’t just disrupt sleep; it can significantly impact overall health and relationships. Green Street Dental stands at the forefront, offering […]

Protecting Tiny Teeth: The Power of Dental Sealants in Preventing Childhood Cavities

The Silent Epidemic of Childhood Cavities Did you know that tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases in children? Despite advancements in dental care, cavities continue to be a significant health issue for kids worldwide. But there’s a superhero in the world of pediatric dentistry that’s making a big difference – dental sealants. Understanding Cavities: Bacteria, Sugar, […]

Why Oral Appliance Therapy is the Future of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Did you know that millions suffer from sleep apnea? Discover the modern solution that’s changing lives. Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) is a leading solution for those grappling with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Backed by clinical studies, OAT offers a non-invasive approach that boasts ease of use, comfort, and silence during operation. Unlike traditional CPAP therapy, OAT is less bulky and […]

Filling the Gaps: Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth is crucial for maintaining oral health, confidence, and overall well-being. Several options are available to replace missing teeth, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss dental implants, dental bridges, and removable partial dentures as potential solutions for tooth replacement. Dental Implants Dental implants are a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. They provide […]

Understanding Different Types of Dental Specialists

Maintaining good dental health is crucial to our overall well-being. It is necessary for a healthy smile and to avoid various health issues that can arise from poor oral hygiene. The good news is that several dental specialists have undergone additional training to provide specific oral health care tailored to your unique needs. Understanding the different types of dental specialists […]

A Magnificent Smile: The Benefits of Dental Crowns

While veneers and dental implants are the right choices for many patients, crowns have long been Americans’ leading restorative dental procedure. Around 2.3 million of these tooth-shaped caps are made and fitted every year. Here at Green Street Dental, we use two types of crowns—porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and full porcelain LAVA crowns. Both have their advantages, but regardless of which […]

What Are the Benefits of Veneers in Pasadena?

People around the world spend more than $2 billion every year on the dental veneer market. Demand for dental veneers is projected to grow by about 8% every year at least until 2030. Those numbers are a strong indicator of how much value veneers can provide for those who receive them. However, not everyone is familiar with the variety of benefits that veneers […]

Veneers vs Crowns

Dental Veneers vs Crowns: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that more than a quarter of people in the United States suffer from tooth decay? There are many dental problems that can destroy the appearance of your teeth and make them discolored, chipped, cracked, and so on. Some may even be damaged to such an extent that it may hurt to chew on them.  Fortunately, dental crowns and veneers […]

The Essential Guide to Clean and Fresh Aligners

Keeping your aligners clean is vital for their effectiveness and your oral health. Here’s a concise guide to help you maintain fresh aligners throughout your treatment. Aligners come into contact with your teeth, saliva, and the environment, making them susceptible to bacteria, plaque, and odors. Neglecting proper cleaning can lead to oral issues and hinder your progress. Easy and Effective […]