The Complete Guide to Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Pasadena, CA

The average American laughs about eight times a day, though 57% feel the need to cover their mouths when they laugh. Do you feel insecure about the appearance of your teeth, too? You might consider choosing a cosmetic dentist in Pasadena, CA, instead of concealing your smile.

Not every cosmetic dentist will offer the specific services you’re interested in. Don’t waste your time by choosing a dentist at random. Instead, use these tips to review your options for dentists.

With these tips, you can find an experienced dentist who offers the specific cosmetic dental procedure you need. Read on and begin your search today!

Consider Your Needs

Remember, nearly 60% of people feel insecure about their smiles. Before choosing a cosmetic dentist, take a moment to consider your insecurities. Determine what you dislike about your teeth or smile.

Then, you can spend more time and attention on finding a dentist who can offer cosmetic dental procedure that aligns with your goals.

Consider learning more about cosmetic dentistry to ensure it’s right for you. For example, perhaps your smile looks dull or discolored. In that case, you can talk to a cosmetic dentist about whitening treatments.

Consider bonding if you need to fill in chips, cover stains, or hide excess spaces. Bonding involves applying a tooth-colored resin to your teeth to remedy these issues.

Veneers are composite or porcelain covers that can conceal issues with your teeth. They last longer than bonding but cost less than crowns. You can talk to your cosmetic dentist about improving your teeth’ color, shape, or contour with veneers.

On the other hand, crowns are designed to cover an entire tooth. They’re often used to restore or protect a weakened tooth. Crowns can also stabilize large fillings or act as a cosmetic improvement.

Your cosmetic dentist might recommend inlays or onlays instead. These indirect fillings can treat tooth decay or structural damage. They’re fitted and bonded onto a damaged tooth.

If you have functional issues related to your teeth, consider visiting a general dentist or orthodontist instead. 

Once you determine your specific needs, you can find a cosmetic dentist who offers the services you need to accomplish your goals.

Gather Referrals

There are about 34,600 cosmetic dentists in the US. If you want to narrow down your options for dentists, start by gathering referrals. 

Talk to friends and family members who have previously visited a Pasadena cosmetic dentist. Then, ask about their treatment experience. For example, you might ask:

  • What cosmetic dentistry treatment did you need
  • How long has the cosmetic dentist worked in the industry
  • Are you satisfied with the outcome of your procedure
  • Would you recommend I choose another dentist instead
  • Did you encounter any problems

Try to speak with someone who requested the same cosmetic dental procedure you’re considering. Ask them about the procedure process, so you know what to expect beforehand.

If you cannot gather referrals from friends, talk to your general dentist instead. They could recommend a few cosmetic dentists in the area. 

Otherwise, search for cosmetic dentists using state or national associations. For example, you can check the American Dental Association website for a list of dentists by specialty. Cross-check California’s state licensing body to ensure the dentist is in good standing. 

Check Accreditations

Before choosing a cosmetic dentist, it’s essential to ensure they have the proper credentials and experience. 

Accreditations require education, a demonstration of knowledge, and clinical experience. Determine if the dentist is a member of a major national organization like the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Dentists with a membership in the AACD remain up-to-date regarding new procedures and techniques.

They strive to offer the best possible services and quality of care.  

Determine how much cosmetic dentistry experience each dentist has, too. Make sure they have years of hands-on experience in their specialty. Determine how many of their patients have requested the procedure you’re considering, too.

Choosing a dentist with years of hands-on experience will give you peace of mind in their ability to accomplish your goals.

Otherwise, determine how long they’ve owned their practice. An established business has likely worked out operational issues (like billing and scheduling) over the years. 

Request Reviews and Photos

As you review your options for dentists, consider asking for testimonials. Patient testimonials can help you learn more about each dentist from people who were once in your position. You might feel more confident choosing a dentist who has a stunning reputation.

Reading online reviews can help you determine which dentists to prioritize or avoid.

Ask each dentist if they can also provide before and after photos from patients who requested the procedure you’re interested in. For example, maybe you’re interested in tooth whitening treatment. Do the patient’s teeth look whiter and brighter?

If the “after” photos don’t meet your expectations, remove that dentist from your list. 

Schedule a Consultation

As you begin narrowing down your options, schedule a consultation with two or three dentists on your list. Talk about the specific cosmetic dental procedure you’re interested in. Ask the dentist how often they complete that procedure.

You can also ask questions about their education, training, and accreditations. 

Consider asking about the technology and anesthesia the dentist uses as well. For example, they might mention digital X-rays, a dental laser, and intraoral cameras. Determine if you’ll require sedation for your procedure, too.

As you interview each dentist, consider your comfort. 

Compare Costs

Consider comparing dental procedure costs before choosing a dentist. Ask for a detailed list of fees and how many appointments the procedure will require. Determine if your insurance covers the treatment as well. 

Otherwise, determine if the dentist offers flexible payment options.

Start Searching: Begin Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Pasadena, CA

Before choosing a cosmetic dentist in Pasadena, work through these tips. Then, review your note to make an informed decision. Choose an experienced, qualified dentist who can meet your needs and expectations.

Then, begin enjoying your stunning new smile with the utmost confidence!

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to help.

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